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On behalf of all the members of the I.M.S.S. I'd like to welcome you to the web site of the International Macrobiotic Shiatsu Society. With the growing interest in using complementary and alternative methods to maintain or to regain health, people are educating themselves more and more.

We'd like to think that you have come to the right place! If you are looking for simple and effective techniques and information that everyone in the family can use, you have found it. We are interested in sharing the abundance and beauty of good health. As you know, when you feel good, you can do almost anything. It is our wish to make your journey a bit easier. Many of us have traveled the same road and can show you some of the short-cuts. I won't pretend that making lifestyle changes, especially in the realms of diet and food is easy. It isn't. Yet when you understand from within yourself that you honestly want positive changes and are willing to explore new possibilities, well then, nothing can stop you.

We are pleased to be able to share health-promoting information with people from around the world. Both on this web site and in person. Recently we received correspondence from people in Mongolia, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific Islands. People of the world are looking for simple and effective methods to maintain and regain their health. Macrobiotic Shiatsu plays an important role in the acomplishment of these goals.

Feel free to browse around the web site, hopefully gaining insight, looking into what interests you. Don't overlook the recipes that are available. It is our hope that you will want to become a member of I.M.S.S. Your membership fee helps us keep going to share with others the information that we feel is valuable. Even if you don't join, we hope you will share what you learn with others. In this way the spiral continues, evolving toward the newness that life creates.

And don't miss our upcoming Macrobiotic Shiatsu classes.

This site keeps growing so come visit us again soon.

Best wishes for a happier and healthier life,

Patrick McCarty

Editor of "Healthways"


The International Macrobiotic Shiatsu Society is a forum for friends interested in the Healing Arts of Macrobiotics and Shiatsu. This dynamic combination is based on the teaching of Shizuko Yamamoto. Macrobiotics is a natural approach to living which includes a whole foods diet. Shiatsu is a touch technique based on traditional Asian medicine. Shiatsu literally means finger-pressure. It is similar to acupuncture but without needles. In the U.S. it is sometimes called acupressure. The Yamamoto macrobiotic style is also known as Barefoot Shiatsu. I.M.S.S. is a membership organization. All are welcome to join us.

Founded in 1986, after almost five decades of experience by shiatsu master Shizuko Yamamoto, the I.M.S.S. promotes a natural approach to living. Macrobiotic Shiatsu uniquely combines the power of natural foods in the Macrobiotic Diet with the traditional Asian healing techniques of Shiatsu. As all things belong to nature, it is natural to be healthy and happy. When imbalances arise simple techniques can help to correct them. In a down to earth practical manner, Macrobiotic Shiatsu unifies body, mind, and spirit.


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