Treating Muscle Cramps

Many people suffer with cramps or muscle spasms on a regular basis. Most cramps occur after exercising muscles that have not been used regularly or from having eaten too many desserts or sweets. Cramping occurs when there is a change in the potassium and sodium content (electrolytes) within the muscle fibers. This causes the muscle to contract and shorten thus bringing on the symptom of cramp.
Dehydration from inadequate fluid intake or excessive sweating can also affect the levels of potassium and sodium which initiates a cramp.

Apply Pressure
Pressing the center of the calf muscle (BL 57) and the midpoint above your upper lip and nose (GV 26) serve as antispasmodic points.
Apply pressure until cramping stops, usually a couple of minutes. You can also apply a hot ginger compress (about 15 minutes) to the site with good effect.