All of the following conditions are related, therefore understanding them as a whole can be useful. The treatment is the same for all.

The stomach is the principle organ of digestion. It is the largest and most expansive part of the digestive tract. Located in the upper abdominal cavity, the stomach receives and digests food. It is lined with mucous membranes which protect the stomach itself from the strong digestive acids like hydrochloric acid which it secretes. Stomach ache, which usually is pain in the abdomen not the stomach, can have a variety of sources. Nausea is the feeling which usually comes before vomiting, and is often described as "feeling queasy." The sensation of nausea may be accompanied by a sinking feeling in the stomach, by a feeling of weakness, by dizziness, by perspiration, and by excessive salivation. The person will often look pale and sweaty. Nausea may also be part of motion sickness. Modern medicine says that nausea can arise from a disorder in the vagus nerve, which runs from the head down the side of the neck to the front of the chest. Traditional Chinese medicine recognizes the relationship between the the pancreas and the stomach. Pancreas disorders can effect the stomach, causing problems with that organ.

Shiatsu Treatment

With the receiver lying on the back, manipulate the neck muscles from below the skull to the shoulder with the thumb. Treat each side of the neck holding each point several seconds. The abdomen, both above and below the belly button, should be pressed. First, with the heel of the hand, massage in a circular direction, giving as much pressure as the receiver can comfortably take. Then, with the thumbs, press along the edge of the ribs and from the pit of the stomach to the belly button. Hold each point for 3-5 seconds; repeat several times. Then place one palm of the hand directly on the belly and the other hand on top of the first hand. Breathing in and out at the same time as the receiver, press down on an exhalation. Repeat at least 10 times.

On the leg, press acupoints ST 36 and on the inside of the forearm press acupoint HG 6. Both these points are extremely effective for stomach and nausea complaints.

Have the receiver turn over. On the back, press the back acupoints from thoracic 9 to thoracic 12 (the center part of the back).

For detailed information get The Shiatsu Handbook


Special Foods

For nausea, lack of appetite, indigestion, and ulcer, you can prepare Umeboshi-Kuzu drink. To get instructions for Umeboshi-Kuzu drink go to last recipe in Teas and Beverages.


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