Letter of Recommendation by Benjamin Spock, M.D.


March 1, 1998

We first met Patrick McCarty in 1988 when he came to the Virgin Islands to give consultations on the macrobiotic diet and give shiatsu treatments. Since then, Patrick has been a frequent visitor, giving me loving treatments, expert advice on diet and herbal supplements. His experience working in China in hospitals and learning Chinese medicine and acupuncture has always impressed me. As I benefited from these treatments, ate the food, and took the recommended supplements, I learned to love and respect Patrick as a healer. After one treatment recently, I became very energized and was able to feel my old self again. I know that Patrick's work is very important in a world where sick people are seeking different options for recovery. I can recommend highly his expert care. And more than that, I have grown to love him deeply.

Benjamin Spock, M.D.