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The Macrobiotic Foundation of Central Florida is an organization dedicated to providing information, support and activities for its members and the community on the macrobiotic way of living.

This begins with a reorientation of everyday eating using natural foods, and continues through accepting responsibility for keeping our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives in harmony with ourselves, our families, our community, and with society and nature.

The Macrobiotic Foundation of Central Florida is proud to be one of only three active macrobiotic communities in the United States and is the only Orlando Macrobiotic society. Our membership supports residents of the greater Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area. We have the objective to have at least one activity a month consisting of either guest speakers, cooking classes, picnics or buffets. We also provide information to our members with an active newsgroup, a borrowing library and study groups. You need not be a member to practice macrobiotics but we hope you find that the macrobiotic support and community participation that a membership offers to be indispensible.

Macrobiotic dining and Macrobiotic meals
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Members can converse with each other via our Yahoo newsgroup: MACROCF. To subscribe to the newsgroup and get up-to-date postings of upcoming events and gatherings, follow the link.

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For more recent information on current macrobiotic events in the
greater Orlando and Central Florida area call our RSVP Hotline at 407-672-2356


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