Lima Ohsawa (left) and Shizuko Yamamoto on the occasion of Lima's 88th birthday.


Lima Ohsawa, wife of macrobiotic founder George Ohsawa, died in her sleep of natural causes on Tuesday November 9th in Tokyo, Japan. She consistently practiced the Macrobiotic Way of Longevity for most of her adult life. Mrs. Ohsawa was the chairperson of the Nippon Center Ignormaus Macrobiotic Foundation for many years. Up until the last few years she continued to teach cooking classes at the Tokyo center. Last year thousands of students from all around the world joined Mrs. Lima in the celebration of her 100th birthday with a gala celebration in Tokyo. (In Japan, when you arrive at age 99 you are considered 100 because of the almost year of embryonic development.) She was born on April 17th of 1899. We will miss her.

The Nippon CI Macrobiotic Foundation conducted a memorial service for macrobiotic friends and a memorial gathering on January 23, 2000. All friends from around the world were invited to attend this occasion. Contact: Mr. Yaushiko Katsumata, Nippon CI, 11-5 Ooyama-Cho, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo. Telephone in Japan: 03-3469, Fax 03-3469-7635.