A New Beginning

by Diane Sromalski


At the beginning of this year I realized I had a reoccurrence of diverticulosis, so I called the clinic and they told me it would be a three week wait until I could get in to see a doctor. I told them I didn't have three weeks and by that time I would probably require surgery, so I hung up the phone and called the insurance company to see if I could get into another clinic as I needed medication immediately. I was able to see a new doctor. When he was examining me, he noticed how dry my skin was and ordered a TSH test (thyroid test) and found I have an under-active thyroid and then he noticed something was wrong with my white blood count. From there he sent me to an oncologist and I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL).

I knew what I was up against because my father-in-law died from leukemia. My husband and I were devastated. I felt like I had fallen into this huge black hole and couldn't get out. I spent hours on the computer, looking up everything I could find out about CLL and I even found a support group on-line and I was going to join but decided not to. I was in a daze for weeks and then one day I picked myself up and decided to join the support group. About two weeks after I joined the support group this person came on and was talking about macrobiotics. He gave the two websites for the Kushi Institute. When I finished reading the support group I went immediately to the web sites and started reading about the Kushi Institute and knew I had found the right place for me to help control my leukemia.

That night was the first time I had managed to climb out of that big black hole I had fallen into so many weeks ago. When my husband came home from work I made him sit down and read about the institute and told him, I'm going there and so I did.

When we arrived at the institute I really expected a lot and I got more than my greatest expectations. They taught us about yin and yang, exercise, cooking, and about how are lives would change eating this way. They were correct on how we would feel, how we will be able to think more clearly and can remember more. I wish everyone could just feel how great my body feels. I don't have that heavy weighted down feeling like I used to have after eating. This is the best thing I have ever done for my body and I know my body thanks me everyday and I feel so much younger than I am. Since I have been on this diet, I haven't had a cold or the flu. Even though I have leukemia I don't feel like I'm sick. It has most of my blood counts back to normal and it has only been a short while.

Exactly three weeks after I returned from the institute I had a doctor's appointment and found out that I was in remission. My doctor was so impressed and said he has never seen anything like this in his career. I am so thankful for the person who gave the web sites to the Kushi Institute because you see I have always believed that if you give the body the proper nutrition, the body will heal itself. Why else would God have put all of these different kinds of food on this planet? For someone to figure out what foods will help the body to heal itself. I wish everyone would just realize how strong our bodies are if given the proper nutrition. When we came back from the Kushi Institute we looked up the Macrobiotic Foundation and that is how we found macrobiotic counselor Patrick McCarty. We attend his monthly study group in Orlando where we learn even more about how food really does help the body to heal itself. I will always be grateful to the Kushi Institute and to Patrick McCarty.


You can contact Diane by email at treestar211@aol.com